Bulfinch Tour images

A room with a bed, over-bed table, and a curtained window
A group of nurses in white aprons and hats sitting in rows.
Sepia-toned photo of nurses and women in a room with a row of beds. Some patients are seated in chairs.
Sketch with several families, doctors, and nurses
A room with a table, chairs, and beds, with adults and children.
Two women operating complex machines; one machine is over a patient bed.
A child with bobbed hair sitting up in a crib-like bed, looking at the camera.
Two high schoolers and an adult lean over a mannequin on a stretcher.
A title page reading Services at the Laying of the Corner Stone of the Massachsuetts General Hospital
A woman sits in a chair that is part of a machine while a man operates the machine.
Building with columns and small porches with railings behind the columns.
A Black man in a jacket, vest, and tie.
An 1876 receipt for mosquito netting for beds
Photographic portrait of seated white man (Water J. Dodd) using early X-Ray technology on his forearm
Four neckties featuring Massachusetts General Hospital-associated designs
Black and white photo of narrow room with many small shelves, used as MAssachusetts gEneral Hospital Apothecary circa 1890
Black and white photo of long dining room table in a sparsely decorated room, taken in the year 1898
A large overhead camera photographs a surgical specimen inside of a lightbox
Seated portrait of a nineteenth-century white man with a bushy beard. His attitude is relatively informal, but not unprofessional
Floor plan for 1924 addition to the Bulfinch Building, including a red X to refer to the equivalent location in the modern building for a tour participant
Receipt for installation of plumbing circa 1899, with decorative flourishes in the header
Laundry list
Massachusetts General Hospital dining menu from 1822
Poratrait of a kindly-looking, older, white woman in a white outfit and her hair in a bun
Frederic A. Washburn sketch
Two side-by-side, black and white views of the Bulfinch Building, with the originally planned construction on the left and with two additional wings on either end of the building in the image on the right
A view of an open notebook with tables of data
A hanging balance scale with various weights laying between the pans
Men at workbenches with large hammers
Women lying in beds and sitting in chairs.
Photo of a ward with patients in beds and a nurse's station in the center.
Illustration of a busy but very tidy ward.
Two men in wheelchairs in the Warren Library
Two woman stand next to a sundial on the Bulfinch Lawn
19th century receipt with decorative flourishes
Closeup of a label of a rusty can, reading "Ether, For Anesthesia, U.S.P."
A group of doctors listening to a presentation, seated in the tiered seating of a former operating theatre
A woodcut illustration of an abstracted view of the original MGH building and wharf
A walled-off pit with wood and concrete inside.
A group of young men in nineteenth-century dress pose on stairs, around a pillar
A room full of large machinery, not necessarily recognizable as laundry machines.