Much of my training actually occured at the top floor of the Bulfinch Building. So as a trainee, we were in the historic Bulfinch 4, which was the really the epicenter of endocrinology. At that point, after training at the top of the Bulfinch Building, my lab was established at the bottom of the Bulfinch building, which was the Bulfinch basement. There too were incredible things going on in research.

I think the interesting thing for me is how things have come full circle, from starting at Bulfinch 4 as a trainee, going to the Bulfinch basement as a new investigator starting a lab, and then moving up back to Bulfinch 4 to actually fully embrace all of research, patient care and teaching, which is what I spent so many years doing at Mass General. It was, as I like to say, a decade for every floor.

Anne Klibanski, MD: A decade for every floor