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wilderness medicine lecture ad
Hybrid Lecture

Practicing medicine is a particular challenge in environments where resources are limited — from urban disaster settings to the Arctic to outer space. On May 22, MGH Wilderness Medicine division chief N. Stuart Harris, MD, MFA, describes the latest in care at the final frontiers.

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Interior of Bulfinch Building, detail
Interactive Online Exhibit


Explore this immersive, 3D virtual tour of the hospital’s 200-year-old original building, which is at the heart of MGH today. This behind-the-scenes view shares details from the building’s extraordinary past, including the Ether Dome and lesser-known stories, and the hospital’s exciting present. Click here to explore.

Photograph of the interior of a Spanish-American War era tent ward, ca. 1898
Historical Spotlight
From the American Revolution to Iraq, military history and the hospital’s history have intertwined since MGH’s founding. Click here to learn more.


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