Archives and
Special Collections

man sitting on bed with leg lifted under table with tube while on left man without hand stands behind wooden partition
Early X-ray apparatus circa 1900

Research Holdings

The Archives and Special Collections manage historic materials associated with the hospital. The Archives contain materials that comprise the official records of the institution and are primarily paper materials but could include other objects or items such as photographs or recordings. At MGH, these include records of hospital activities and patient treatment dating back to the founding of the hospital, including the minutes and records of many official committees.

Special Collections comprise objects related to the history of MGH, including medical instruments, paintings, furnishings, medical devices, objects, and art.

The Archives and Special Collections continue to accession objects and materials from individual donors and from within the hospital. In general, the museum is interested in acquiring materials that:

  • were created or used at MGH
  • were owned by people associated with the hospital and have a connection to
    their career
  • were invented or developed by people associated with the hospital
  • might have been in use at MGH and contribute in a significant way to the hospital’s historic collection.

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White horse hooked up to covered carriage reading Mass General Hospital on side and Ambulance above drivers
Mass General Hospital ambulance, circa 1890s