It’s been incredible in my time here to be able to spend time in the Bulfinch building. When you walk through here you really feel like you’re taking a walk through history and what’s interesting is as you walk through that history, you’re also walking through the modern administration of one of the greatest hospitals in the country and in the world.

You know, walking through the Bulfinch with the photos and as you go through it, it does in many ways take you back through time and it really grounds you in the mission of what we do – clinical care, research, training and the work that I do in community health and, certainly, equity. 

I think for me it’s so symbolic, given what’s transpired over the last year with Covid and our national reckoning on racism, to have equity at the ground floor of the Bulfinch building. Really the symbolism there is that we are centered, all of our work stands on being equitable. 

It’s a great space, it’s got little quirks and little nooks and crannies that make it really special. If I was offered an office somewhere else, you know, I wouldn’t take it. I wouldn’t trade this office for anything in the world, for its symbolism, its meaning and how special it is to me.   

Joseph Betancourt, MD: Equity at the ground floor