One of the things I love about the Bulfinch Building is that for 200 years it’s been a living, breathing place that’s never stopped caring for patients and caring for the people of our community: from Boston, and New England and even the world. It’s served us through the Civil War, through the Spanish American War, through two world wars, TB epidemics, now the COVID epidemic, and it’s still here. The place that we’re in right now used to be an open ward. Ten years ago when I became the chief medical information officer for our physician’s organization, they asked me would I like to have a nice corner office across the street with glass views. I looked around and I said, well, our CFO is here, our COO and CEO, I’ll stay here in this broom closet, and literally it was a broom closet, that we transformed into a nerve center for digital health and operations throughout the hospital.  

David Ting, MD: Broom closet turned nerve center