Since I’ve been associated with the MGH which is now 36 years the management of the hospital, the president’s office has been located in three different places.  

I remember when it was on White 1. then what is now the Lawrence House, and then Dr. Thier, when he was President, quickly moved it from the Lawrence House here to Bulfinch 2.   

This has been by far in my mind the best home for the leadership in the hospital.  It’s hard on a daily basis not to be just reminded of the incredible history of this place by working in this iconic building.  You can almost hear the footsteps of Jackson and Warren here in the building and be reminded of their efforts to create a facility that would provide great care to patients, would help advance that care by educating students in the future, and would also do things in a more equitable manner within our society. 

So this has really been a treat of a place to work and it’s wonderful that we are celebrating its 200th anniversary.  

Peter L. Slavin, MD: 200 years of patient care ​