There is a WWII honor roll there, for all of our members who were part of the service to our country during that time.  Also, too if you look at some of the pictures on the wall, the overflow tents from WWI back in 1919, where they were caring for our service members.  And we are still doing a lot of that today, I mean if you look at at the work at the Home Base Program with PTSD and some of our service members coming back and how helpful they are to those individuals,  it kind of gives me a lot of pride to know, that even though I only served four short years, that you know, it was an important part of my life and being able to connect with that here at Mass General through this service that they provide to our patients today, but historically what they have provided them and knowing too what a wonderful institution this is in recognizing, and thanking them for their service, you know,  I really connect. 

Ed Raeke: Recognizing veterans ​