hand-written letter

Isolation Room, 1924

This space was designated as an isolation room in the expansion of 1924. In this 1833 letter to the trustees of MGH, John Collins Warren, James Jackson, George Hayward and John Ware proposed the addition of isolation wards to the hospital:

“Patients are frequently afflicted with disorders which require their separation from those around. Such as foul ulcers, gangrenes, contagious diseases, and especially that most dreaded of scourges to our hospital the erysiphelatous inflammation… Should a building be constructed for the purposes above mentioned, it would afford an opportunity for improving the arrangement of the hospital in some other respects…We doubt not that your board on considering the subject will see the great importance… to the health and the lives of those who in this institution became the objects of your care, and we may venture to hope that you will excuse our zeal and anxiety in pressing these so strongly on your benevolent and disinterested attention.”